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St Olaf's church in Bear Lake Ontario Our most visible landmark is St. Olaf's Church, completed in 1876, it is one of the oldest churches in the Almaguin Highlands.

Bear Lake Ontario, formerly called Jarlsberg, in the old township of Monteith, is a quiet community originally colonized by Norwegian settlers in the late 1860's. The east half of Monteith joined with McMurrich to form the present day McMurrich/Monteith township in 1998.

Some of the original buildings, the church, schoolhouse and first barn built in the area, are not only still standing and easily seen by the passing traveler, but if you stop and ask, you may view them during the summer months.

The Seguin (Park to Park) Trail follows the old J.R Booth Exploratory Rail line.  It runs just north of the village and skirts the bottom of the Bear Lake Peatlands Conservation Reserve, a large area designated as a protected zone by the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Just to the south of the lake is the newly designated Monteith Forest Conservation Reserve, a large forest of eastern hemlock growing on gently rolling hills of deep glacially deposited sand. 

The area in and around Bear Lake boasts five pioneer cemeteries with one located just east of the community, providing a unique record of mostly Swedish and German settlers.

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