Sprucedale Ontario

Sunrise Buck Lake Ice Crossing Autumn on Buck Lake Farm Hint of Colour
Doe Lake Beach, just a short distance from Sprucedale Ontario

Named for its formerly abundant stands of spruce and other conifers, this small but thriving community has much to offer the visitor to the Almaguin Highlands.

Sprucedale Ontario sits astride the Park to Park Trail which connects Hwy 11 to Hwy 69 and follows the rail-bed of the former Parry Sound Exploratory Railway for 61 km’s.

The trail offers easy access to pristine scenery, luring hikers, bikers, photographers, birders and naturalists into a unique ecosystem, not found elsewhere in Ontario.  The surrounding municipality of McMurrich/Monteith, is a major destination for snowmobilers in the winter and for ATV' riders from April till November.  Among its many attractions Sprucedale & Area has its own nature trail, the Bear Lake, Peatlands, 12 Km. to the west and the Beggsboro Creek Wildlife Area near Doe Lake.

For the historically minded, there are five pioneer cemeteries to explore along with many old buildings and barns.  For boaters, there are public boat launches at the various lakes for your boating pleasure, and some great fishing for Walleye, Pike, Whitefish and Small-mouth bass.

Sun lovers will enjoy the spectacular public beach on Doe Lake
(off Hwy 518), and Sprucedale has the only ‘wet’ Inn with a restaurant, for miles around as well as many camps and cottage resorts just a short drive away.

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